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Special Event and Meeting Security Services

The Frost Security Group offers Private Event and Corporate Security Services tailored to fit your needs. Our Security Associates are highly trained and discreet to effortlessly assimilate into the event to provide a secure environment while not creating a distraction. We work with event organizers and their clients to ensure a secure and seamless event.

We can provide one or as many Security Associates as needed to include Emergency Medical Technicians at single and multiple venue locations. 

Destination events are our specialty. We also provide secure transportation for event participants between event locations as well as around the clock equipment protection. 

Our Security Personnel wear only suits or jackets with ties for all events unless requested otherwise by the client.

Our Security Personnel are equipped with a Motorola brand radio and earpiece for secure communications during the event. By request, we provide radios to be utilized by the clients during the event to facilitate communication between the clients and our personnel.

Estate Security Services

We provide Estate Security Services that include Armed Security Associates, Alarm Response, Key Holder, and Estate Management Services. 

We provide liaison with companies doing contractor work on the estate, as well as criminal history checks on all contractors who will have access to the property and oversee contractors while on your property.

We investigate all security incidents and refer to and liaison with law enforcement when applicable.

Personal Security Services

We accompany you or your loved one, including elders, to shopping trips, for personal errands or special events, as well as medical appointments or to any other event at your discretion. We will provide the transportation or utilize your vehicle. 

Mystery Shopping and Integrity Assurance Services

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We provide unarmed and discretely armed Security Associates, Security Drivers, and Emergency Medical Technicians. 

All venues are searched physically and electronically prior to an event.

We handle all prior notifications to local law enforcement and fire services.

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